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Invasive pests are destroying the things we love — trees, plants and crops — and the USDA’s Hungry Pests campaign informs the public how to stop them. In this series of videos made for social media, Vin Vasive, a dark character made up of the top 15 invasive species threatening our nation, shows the different ways people can spread these pests. The videos were posted on Facebook and YouTube throughout the summer of 2014, generating tens of thousands of views per post.

Vin Vasive warns about the dangers of moving firewood.
63,930 views - View on YouTube
Vin Vasive shows how ordering plants online can be dangerous.
72,888 views - View on YouTube
Planning an outdoor trip? Here’s some "pesty" advice from Vin Vasive.
72,429 views - View on YouTube
Vin Vasive demonstrates how moving plants can move invasive pests.
44,422 views - View on YouTube
If traveling abroad, Vin Vasive advises what not to bring back home.
69,614 views - View on YouTube

Over 323,000 collective videos views since launch.