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What a Top Workplace Means to Me

by Gillian Pommerehn

Call us old-fashioned, but Crosby doesn’t have the obligatory foosball table, and you won’t see us wearing hoodies to work. There aren’t dogs under our desks, nor do we throw footballs in the hallways (don’t get me wrong, I love my dog!).

But beyond less flash, what you will quickly notice about my company is smart, creative people working hard together, doing important work, and loving it. Our mission of Inspiring Actions That Matter™ touches the lives of virtually everyone in America – through programs for government agencies, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, causes, and businesses that believe in the power of doing good.

At Crosby, there is shared respect for every team member.  Like a big family, we support each other in the good and bad times, and many of us are friends outside the office. Some staff members have been here for 10, 15, 20 years. These sage pros work alongside folks who are fairly new to the marketing and PR world, mentoring them and getting them excited about the trade. In turn, the older guard gains fresh insights and learns some new tricks from our mobile and social-savvy associates.

Our approach to work is innovative, and we use the latest technologies. But there is something reassuringly traditional about our core values, which reflect our dedication to clients and to each other:

  • Commitment to our clients and their causes
  • Collaboration with our clients and colleagues
  • Creativity comes from every corner of the company
  • Continual improvement by individuals and the company as a whole
  • Concern and respect for others

We are a Top Workplace, a title bestowed by both The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun. It’s based on great employee engagement, work/life balance, pay and benefits, and company leadership. We’re pretty proud of it—and I believe it’s well-deserved.

At lunch recently with a newer employee, I was asked why I’ve stayed at Crosby for 10 years. My first thought was our people: the chance to learn and grow from an amazing team. Then I thought, no, it’s our work: amazing clients who want to help the world. I also thought about our leadership: I’m inspired to do my best work.

As I reflect now, my answer is our culture. We have a culture built on something real ─ it’s not about the money or the bonus or flashy perks. I’m doing something I believe in, and I get to do it with really cool people. In my mind, that’s what a top workplace is all about.

Gillian Pommerehn

EVP, PR & Reputation Management

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