Many people are frustrated with today’s traditional health care system. But with other strong brands overwhelming the market with messaging, it was difficult for Kaiser Permanente to break through and tell the story of their better approach: Health care and coverage, working together.

To help the company meet its aggressive membership goals, Crosby developed a broad-based anthemic campaign in a proud, positive voice, demonstrating that Kaiser Permanente can uniquely deliver the care experience patients deserve.

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inspiring change from the status quo

Overarching campaign messaging conveyed the concept of “Care & Coverage Together” in succinct and powerful ways.

high-impact name awareness

We re-launched the Kaiser Permanente name with “domination” installations in high-traffic destinations from major airports to the Metro.

an online destination that engages and informs

Crosby created a new responsive website to help consumers make easier, more informed choices.

major league sports sponsorships that score

High-profile sponsorships create greater awareness and connect the brand with the community.

connecting with communities

Experiential marketing at local events helps Kaiser Permanente become part of the community.

telling the story with radio

DC and Baltimore are among the heaviest commuter markets in the country. Radio featuring national spokeswoman Allison Janney was a key component of the campaign.

effectively engaging stakeholders

A suite of collateral pieces, infographics, fact sheets, and presentations support thought leadership activities.

integrated campaign results

The most important metric was ultimately achieved: Kaiser Permanente membership in the region grew by more than 32,000. This double-digit growth exceeded the organization’s stretch goal.

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