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Living with great weight can exact a terrible physical and emotional toll. People who are severely overweight often endure lectures from loved ones, sneers from strangers, and low self-esteem from themselves. For many, weight-loss surgery is utterly transformative, enabling them to enjoy a more normal life. Crosby helps Saint Agnes Hospital combat obesity by promoting its market-leading bariatric surgery program.

telling remarkable stories of renewal

TV spots showcase real patients telling their compelling, uplifting stories of transformation and drove phone calls for the hospital’s seminars. When the TV spots run, the seminars are maxed out within days.

showcasing hope in a compelling way

Billboards reinforced the message of hope by showcasing the physical and emotional benefits of Saint Agnes bariatric surgery.

inspiring prospects to become patients

In addition to driving prospects to seminars, Crosby helps convert them into patients. We worked with clinical staff to create inspirational presentation materials, brochures and follow-up emails that motivate prospects to connect with a bariatric surgeon — the next step on their life-changing journey.

integrated campaign results

817% increase in traffic

817% increase in web traffic to bariatric pages since campaign launched

92% increase in enrollments

92% increase in seminar enrollments after the first flight of advertising

3,000 people enrolled

more than 3,000 people have enrolled in seminars since the campaign began

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