Driving sign-ups for my Social Security online accounts

By going online to, adults at any stage of life can estimate and manage Social Security or disability benefits, plan and apply for retirement, and check their earnings history. To better educate the public about these services and spur new online sign-ups, Crosby developed integrated campaigns that successfully combined paid, earned, owned, and shared media.

Focus group research confirmed that a normative appeal would be most motivating in moving audiences from office visits to online engagement. To drive sign-ups for my Social Security online accounts, we focused on the insight that everyone has a personal “Someday” they dream of. The campaign brings these moments to life while reminding that getting to your “Someday” takes planning today.


introducing a new day of the week

For the my Social Security campaign, light-hearted PSAs take viewers to the fictional Institute of Time Management and Procrastination where a new day of the week, called “Someday,” has been invented.

raising awareness nationwide with out-of-home

At minimal cost to SSA, PSA outdoor billboards, bus shelters, and metro transit centers raised awareness in 41 markets across the country.

reaching specific targets with online & social

We effectively targeted and informed each audience with Facebook posts and ads, emails, online display, pre-roll videos, and SEM.

a radio media tour delivers the details

Radio interviews in major markets across the country delivered the benefits of a my Social Security account in greater detail.

integrated campaign results


Over 4.9 million website visits


Over 2.1 billion impressions


Contributed to over 13 million new accounts


Drove Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) down 87% over the course of the campaign


Increased conversion percentage by 100%


$21 million in earned media

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