Invasive species are a serious threat to our nation’s agriculture and forests. The USDA asked Crosby to help elevate awareness of the issue. Our effort focused on audiences whose behaviors might have the biggest impact, from gardeners to outdoors enthusiasts. Using evidence-based principles of Community-Based Social Marketing, we focus group tested messages around the country. Results revealed that an appeal to personal responsibility was uniquely motivating.

Crosby developed an integrated campaign featuring Vin Vasive, a hitchhiking con man made entirely of insects. Our “Creep on a Mission” dramatizes the urgent need to “Leave Hungry Pests Behind.”

PSAs that break through to grab attention

We developed an integrated Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign with Vin Vasive as the spokescreep.

an online destination that engages and informs

Online and mobile ads drive to a dynamic website destination featuring the latest invasive species news and quarantine information. The site serves as an information hub for the national conversation, educating key audiences about how to prevent the spread of invasive pests.

social media content that makes an impression

Crosby developed an environmentally-driven Facebook community and spurred engagement through social media content.  Content was also pitched to a variety of highly influential partners.

fun sharable videos with a serious side

We created a series of five short sharable videos that surprise, entertain, and educate.

earned media that gets the right attention

As part of the campaign, Crosby deployed an effective earned media strategy, garnering important national press coverage. Media tours and outreach generated hundreds of interviews and major stories.

integrated campaign results

1+ billion media impressions

PSA campaign generated more than 1 billion media impressions

$10+ million in donated media

Campaign earned more than $10 million in donated media across 12 states

400,000 site visits

The new website tallied 400,000 unique visits


Facebook likes soared from a few hundred to 100,000

100s of interviews

Hundreds of USDA spokesperson interviews aired on radio & TV

2,300 matte articles placed

2,300 matte articles were placed nationwide

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